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cat Names: ninja

Ninja is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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black cat

Ninja is a fluffy black cat with a bit of white on her chest.
She currently has a bow from a christmas present around her neck <3


He is a little ninja and very photogenic :)


Hi! I'm Ninja! I'm what I like to think of as happy-go-lucky. I was born one of three, I was the only boy and got spoilt of course, but I don't think my sisters minded too much because I shared with them.

I didn't stay at home very long, as soon as I was able, my mummy and daddy came and got me and brought me to my new family. It's just us three, mummy insists she dislikes human children, but I think she's just trying to sound tough.

Well anyway I'm the boss around here, I pretty much get my way. Sometimes if I get sick of the humans, I'll go to the cat hotel for a week or two until I feel like I've had a good enough vacation. I love it there, I especially like the neighour kitty (Meow!)

The ninja scratches on my mum's hands are how I got my name. I had to assert who the boss was somehow, I couldn't very well go letting her tell me how to do stuff, could I?

British Shorthair

My name is Ninja Because I'm Black all over apart from a white stripe on my belly.
It also my name because I like to pounce on things that move.....If it don't move...I make it....he he.
I like to cause misschiff for my Mum & Dad, but I also like to watch TV too as you can tell by one of my pics.