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cat Names: nor

Nor is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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American Shorthair

Nor came to us via the back alley, making his way to our front porch... He was a sickly, malnourished stray kitten, who reached through an opening of the laticework of the porchwall where my husband's foot was and gently tapped it. When my husband regained his breath from the shock of surprize and opened the door to see what it was, in walked Nor (arabic for :"light") as if he was expected! He was about 2 months old, but an unusal color - very light beige. Everyone we met, even our vet says they've never seen a cat with that color. He darkened a little as he got older as the photios show, but I included 2 photos where you can see how light he usd to be as a kitten. His disposition is as mellow and laid back as can be, but he;s a wuss to L'il Bitz. She has him under her paw. He's much bigger than her as an adult, but if she gives him the "eye", he wraps his tail around him, turns around and slinks out of the room. Amazing!