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cat Names: nuggyt

Nuggyt is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Prince Mia Obsidian Nuggyt aka El Nuggito first of his name, Alpha and Protector of the house, Suffocater of the face, Slayer of Mice, Contortionist of boxes, Licker of plastic bags, Sweetest kitty in the land, has been my faithful companion for 11 1/2 years.
Sweet Nuggs has turned many of those stinking cat haters into feline lovers, fighting and winning the hearts of many. He's very vocal and will acknowledge anyone talking to him. Any visitors will be ambushed with tons of love. Nuggyt purs so violently that he cannot hold still, he rocks back and forth whilst purring.

My silly quote about my cat, "Wanna know why Nuggyt is white? Because he's sweet as sugar."

Other peoples comments about my cat, "How did you manage to get such a sweet cat?" "That cat sure does love you." "I've never met a cat like Nuggyt before."