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cat Names: odie

Odie is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Odie is a lover boy. He is my sensitive Man. He was found with a arrow stuck in the leg by Fox Valley Humane Assocation. He is now healing in a house that is all people and animals that need to heal from past abuse and/or neglect

Domestic Shorthair

When I was a kitten all my siblings were adopted because they were all cute and colorful, but no one wanted me because I was rather homely and very skinny. I wasn't starving...just really slim :-) Now I am a sleek black kitty with big amber eyes and a long whip-like tail! Mom thinks I'm part least my tail part!

When I was about 3 months old I got really sick and almost died and foster mom spent a lot of money to save me...and so of course I wasn't going home with anyone else after that so here I stayed!

Mom doesn't foster kitties any more because I get really attached to them, and get depressed when they get adopted and leave. In fact, I got so stressed out after my last foster pal left I began having urinary tract problems, and had to go to the ER twice. Mom says I'm her most expensive kitty! I'm doing really well now and haven't had a urinary tract problem for a long time. I'm not on an Rx diet but Mom makes sure I drink plenty of water to keep me flowing!

I love all cats and I love my mom but I'm really a fraidy cat with people I don't know. In fact, most people will never see me when they come over.

I'm the youngest cat in the house!