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cat Names: papussa

Papussa is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Papussa? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Domestic Shorthair

Papussa was a rescue, I found him under a bush as I was taking a walk one evening, he was meowing and meowing. He must of been about 6 weeks old, there were a whole litter of kittens and strays everywhere, but nobody lived in the house. Anyways to make a long story short, he changed my life forever, he just has away of making me smile when Im sad, and making me laugh when I want to cry! I love him soooo much!! My boyfriends mother named him, she is Portuguese, and liked the name, it just kinda He loves to chew on cardboard boxes like a rabbit,he also loves to wrestle with the other cats except Cocoa, because she puts him in his place. lol He gives kisses like there is no tomorrow, and puts his paw on my face................I love him with all my heart........we neede each other. :)