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cat Names: petra

Petra is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Petra? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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hi im petra :) im mums verry first kitty, of course there were kitties before me, peter, tiggles, tiger.... the list goes on. in fact there has never actually been a time that our house has not been occupied by a kitty :) but i am the first kitty that actually belonged to her and only her, the rest were her dads,mums,or brothers. mum found me as a verry skinny kitten at her front door, only about 3 weeks old, and mum was almost 5 at the time :) so one day her parents found her walking around the house with a tiny little kitten snuggled up on her shoulder. im the oldest cat at our house and i ive earned it! ive learned how to unlock doors, open the frindge and get my mum to get me whatever i want, no1 can resist my kitten cry :)the one thing no1 can deny is that im a born survivor and will take advantage of any oportunity, especially when im hunting, mum finds it to be a little more scary than cute these days! lol
around here im known as the jaguar kitty so watch out!