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cat Names: phoenix

Phoenix is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Phoenix? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Domestic Mediumhair

We don't actually know exactly when my birthday is because I was donated to my current owners by the lady across the road (dun dun dun!) because she was moving house and she could only take a few cats, (she had lots). I was only a kitten then, but now I am all grown up!

Domestic Shorthair

Hello, my name is Phoenix Fluffenstein (wouldn't all fit...). My mommy got me when I was only 4 weeks old, from someone who couldn't take care of me. I was very sick and she didn't think I'd survive the night. I had a really stuffed up nose, I could barely open my eyes, and I needed to be bottle fed. Mommy and daddy took really good care of me though, and now I have TONS of energy. My favorite things to do are snuggle with mommy and daddy and play with my Angel and Owyn. I also LOVE stuffed animals, even ones that are bigger than me! I stole all of the ones that mommy had hidden on a high shelf in the spare bedroom and drag them out every time they get put away. I also have a fascination with running water. I enjoy drinking from the faucet, as a lot of other cats do, but I also climb into the shower with mom or dad on occasion, play in the fish tank when it's open, and try to help mom with the laundry.