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cat Names: poe

Poe is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Hihi, my name is Poe! Everyone's first question for me is "like Edgar Alan?" and the answer is no, and not like the Teletubby either! I was named after the "poes" (mischievous spirits) in The Legend of Zelda, because mom was not letting me be named Princess Fuzzypants.

I was the last fuzzball to be taken home from a litter of free kittens at a farm. Mom says my siblings must have been awfully cute to leave me behind, grandpa thinks they probably just looked like better muskie bait (he can joke all he wants, I know he likes me). I purred all the way home.

Now I'm second in command after the alarm clock. If mom's not up, I'm waking her up. HEY! HEY! LOVE ME! HEY! Sometimes I have to shout at her because she sets stuff on my chair. It's MY chair, I need to be able to see the computer screen. I love to snuggle under the blankets and curl up with a good book. I get really sad when I'm left alone. I'm always at the door before anyone even begins to open it, shouting excited greetings; excited, squeaky greetings.