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cat Names: pookie

Pookie is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Mediumhair

Best snuggler

Cat God

I'm a bad@$$ cat, homies call me Poox. i like to use my claws when I shouldn't. i squeak & sound like a growly gremlin when I am curious.

Japanese Bobtail

My real name is Domino, but my owner has called me pookie for a very long time. Don't be fooled by my nickname though. I may be cute and cuddly, but I am not a cat to mess with! I'm the leader of the cat mafia in my area. Not to mention I scare the dogs and coyotes in my area. How do you think I ended up getting so old Living outdoors? I love to be held, I love being involved in everything and even though I don't get along with animals too well, I love humans. Especially my family.