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cat Names: poppy

Poppy is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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American Shorthair
Maine Coon

Poppy is a rescue from an organization called MIchele's Cats and Save a Pet.
We fell in love with her at first site!! Actually a photo of her LOL!!:) She resembles 2 other cats I had in the past because of the tuxedo markings, but she is her own cat for sure!! We all love her and until my husband's retired guide dog passed on, she and Forbes were bffs as well.


Poppy is a Chinchilla Cat, with White fur that has light Silver streaks down her back. Poppy lives with 3 dogs (Jade, Mimi & Scout) and is has laways been very patient and tolerant of them, from when they joined the household as puppies. Poppy loves to talk to you - a real chatterbox at times. She is always after food, but she gets 2 meals a day and sometimes a snack at Lunchtime. She doesn't like to eat tinned fish, and much prefers real cooked chicken & rice for Breakfast, and chicken & veg dry food for Dinner. She has a charmed life, and just snoozes on her pillow in the sun during the day.
She is a pretty puss and is loved by her whole family very much.

Domestic Shorthair

Im a little tabby kitty. The vet says im very tiny for my age, im now nearly seven months old :o) My favorite thing is being outside in the sun i like to chase the bugs and hunt spiders. As im so tiny i cant climb all the trees in my garden yet but i cant wait till i can, so i can can give that mean pigeon a scare! He keeps tormenting me and chasing me :o(