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cat Names: precilla

Precilla is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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American Shorthair

Hi! My name is Precilla. I'm a pretty easy going kitty. I prefer to do my own thing and from time to time my owner thinks I'm cute, but really that's just ME! She asked me to tell you about these pics so I'll point out a few...
- Well as you can see, I like boxes, but I also LOVE any kind of paper. If there's paper or a box, I've got to be either on it or in it.
- My owner just acts so silly laughing at me when I got into the cooking pan box. She's always calling me a turkey for some reason becuz of the way I sit, and says I look like a turkey waiting to be cooked.
- When she vacuums the house I like to hide, that big roaring monster scares me, so my favorite hiding place is in the bathroom. Can you find me?
- A lot of times when my roommate Jordan (who is absolutely IN LOVE WITH ME) is getting on my nerves I prefer to ignore him and if I stare at the wall long enough he will disappear.

Hope you enjoy the photos my owner puts up here. I'm sure she will be putting up more sometime cuz that's all she ever seems to be doing... Is taking pictures of ME! UGH!!!!