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cat Names: princess+yoda

Princess+yoda is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Princess Yoda
Turkish Angora

***Thank you for all the compliments and love at Yoda is hospitalized as of today 5/17/2010 with a possible diagnosis of Type 1 Feline Diabetes Mellitus. Please help us pray for our princess to be healthy and in remission soon.***

Princess Yoda loves to pose for pictures. She's a sweetheart that loves to shake hand and snuggle with us in bed. Purring as loud as a lawn mower is her specialty.

Princess Yoda is a true diva. She doesn't cover up her #1 & #2 after her business because it'll stain her paws. So she just leave it for her buddy, Donald to clean it up.

It's hard to believe this elegant princess holds a dark dirty secret. Maybe I should not share it with the public for it might ruin her image ^!_!^