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cat Names: puck

Puck is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Puck? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Puck was a black short-haired mixed Manx kitty who adopted me in June '91 while I lived in downtown Baltimore, MD. She was a tender 6 mos. old diva, who loved sleeping under the blankets at my feet. Puck was a commuter cat for over a year, shuttling between my boyfriend's apartment and home. She loved indoor mousing and after moving to her permanent home in Cortland, NY, loved her supervised outings, frequently leaping in the air while escaping over the backyard hill or under the neighbor's deck. In spite of her handicap (she had proprioreceptive defects in her back legs), she nonetheless jumped on top of counters, tables, patrolled the house for pests, her body sometimes side-winding, staggering like John Wayne.

Puck hated baths/showers with her mom which she would receive after running off her home property. She was assertive, often leading us to the door if she wanted to go out, or to her food/milk dishes. Puck always shared lunch meat and vanilla ice cream. She would lead my husband on a walk around the cul-de-sac without a leash. What a funny site for the neighbors! I'd also take her to the ice cream truck and order vanilla ice cream for her!

Puck left this world at the age of 13 after developing a stomach tumor. She will always live on in our hearts!

Tiger Cat

Puck has attitude to match her bulk. She appeared on my doorstep one very hot August day - meowing loudly. I opened the door and she marched in and has been her ever since. She is the "Kitty Mama" to Science and Otis. She's quirky and has owl eyes - and don't mess with her back end. Lives to eat.