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cat Names: puzo

Puzo is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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In the tradition of naming me after a famous writer, and after a long list the name Puzo was selected for me, after American-Italian writer Mario Puzo.

My new roomies are not particularly found of me which seems to fuel me even more to be as tormenting and honorary to them.

I make it a daily mission to get into as much mischief and trouble as possible and hear my name resonate throughout the house often as though it is chasing me, yet never completely reaching me to connect.

I think I may have a friend in Hemingway, but he seems to grumble a lot longer being the baby of the family....or something like that. Someone, quick, get that cat a tissue.....with all his crying, I don't see how he can't see he is still a baby.