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cat Names: quigley

Quigley is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Egyptian Mau

I am very shy and a huge momma's girl! I am the complete opposite from my sister Quinn. I prefer cuddling with mommy and taking naps. I only like to play with mom, my sister is too rough on me. Sometimes I like to play fetch with my mom, she'll throw the ball and then I bring it back to her to throw it again just like a dog! I am not a fan of playing dress up but my mommy thinks I look so cute in my costumes. I enjoy spending time cuddling with my mommy or if she isn't home I like to wrap myself up in my pink blankie momma gave me when I was a kitten. Although I don't pay much attention to my sister Quinn, I am getting to know my new friend Sophie very well and we like each other. Sophie is a one and a half year old golden lab and she is shy just like me so we get along great! Sometimes she is afraid of me, can you believe that?? I hope you think I am cute and maybe someday I can make it to Thunderdome. Vote for me and give me cuteness points to help me! Thanks guys! Looking forward to making new friends!