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cat Names: quinn

Quinn is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Quinn? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I am a rescue cat. My birthday is the date i was to be euthanized at a high kill animal control facility in Dallas, NC. According to my human mom, she saw my cute mug on Pet Pardons FB page and felt so sorry for me, she had to find out more about where i was so she could try her very best to save me. Well, she did and here i am to share my story and my new life with all of you. Mom calls me her velcro kitty or her shadow because i am everywhere she is, all the time (except for when she is at work). I even go for rides to the store with her and just love being together. She tells me all the time how lucky i am to be alive, i want to tell her, how lucky i am that she found me and am now a member of her family! Miracles do happen....<3

Pic #1 is my first day out of that horrible shelter! Mom had me brought over to a vet's office in NC, where i stood for 22 days until i was strong enough and old enough to be transported to her in NY. I finally made it to NY on June 26th!

Pic #3 is my shelter intake pic. My mom calls it my mug shot. They hang those horrible tags around our necks so everyone can keep track of all of us there. My tag # was 3003. It was a terrible, scary place.

The Boyz Klub:
* Quinn
* Gamzee
* Sol
* Rocky Balboa
* Humphrey
* Gibson


Quinn and her brother Cooper were abandoned in our back yard at two weeks old. We took them in and they became our little babies. In our house if a cat is doing something wrong it is usually either Cooper or Quinn :) They are both very friendly and very cute

Domestic Shorthair
Egyptian Mau

My name is Quinn and I am VERY outgoing. I love being the center of attention all the time!! I also love to play dress up. I have 1 sister named Quigley and we don't get along very well; she is shy and doesn't like how playful I can be. I also enjoy eating, I eat SO MUCH, and I love when my mommy takes me outside on the patio with her so I can roll around. Sometimes I think I am more of a dog then a pretty little kitty, my mommy even taught me how to sit on command!. I am also very curious and love to explore new things. I have a new best friend living with me named Sophie, a one and a half year old golden lab. We get along great! She let's me play rough and smack her around. When I am not playing I like to sleep in all sorts of crazy and silly positions around the house. My mommy thinks I am SOOOO cute, don't you? If so vote for me and give me a cuteness point! Someday soon I hope to go to Thunderdome! Help me get there!!


Hello my name is Quinn -- Alley is my dad and Valentino and Stanley are my brothers