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cat Names: rafiki

Rafiki is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Exotic Shorthair

Not quite silver/not quite brown tabby 'zot boy, a silly, vocal (*prrrtt!*), curious, precocious, hyper-intelligent, expressive, and eccentric cat... the perpetual kitten. Deliberately enjoys sitting on his haunches and hanging his forepaws over ledges, which we have dubbed "the cute thing". Will play with any object, and if there isn't one, he invents an invisible one. Likes to arch his back and prance sideways, much like a ferret... then galumphs wildly around the house for no particular reason. If he is sitting on anything that is waist-high or above for a person, he will tilt his head, reaching out and touching you with his paw (claws sheathed) as you walk past. He absolutely LOVES to knock pencils/small items/etc off edges of tables onto the floor. Does "numnums" (sticks out his tongue repeatedly while moving his head aimlessly around with a blank stare) when you massage the pelvic bones on his back. Becomes highly affectionate, purrs, and drools when "rescued" from a situation such as being trapped behind a closed off room. Likes to smell things for an unusually lengthy amount of time. Smart enough to understand the gesture of a pointed finger, which supposedly only dogs are able to make sense of. Long story short, my smooshed-guppy-face kitty is a genius-- and fits his namesake, a seemingly insane yet very wise tree-dweller... for those who are unfamiliar with the fore-mentioned TLK reference, "Rafiki" also means "friend" in Swahili.