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cat Names: raphael

Raphael is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Raphael was a twin brother to Gabriel, who I adopted at five years old. They were both very loving kitties. They had a strong bond with each other they would always give each other head buts to say hi each day. They never were very far from each other, this past year I lost both my boys Raphael went first and shortly about four months later Gabriel's health went down hill and he soon was with his brother.

American Shorthair

I'm guessing at Raphael's age, but I know she's young. She just had her first litter Myst, Mayberry, Willow and Knotz. I took her in a got her spayed right after they were weaned so no more kittens for her. She is now an indoor/outdoor kitty. She is very sweet and loving and will purr her little heart out when she's petted. I named her Raphael when I first saw her following her brother Donatello to my house to eat last November. She was really skinny and a little shy and I guess because she looked so much like him I thought she was a boy. I wanted to keep the Ninja Turtle theme going so named her Raphael. It wasn't until January when she finally let me pet her and pick her up that I found out she was a girl and by then her name had stuck. I call her Raphie most of the time and she doesn't seem to mind having a male name.