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cat Names: roopinder

Roopinder is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Longhair

Roopy is very loveable, affectionate, loyal, responsive. the personality of a mellow, friendly dog wrapped up in a cute and cuddly little cat body. he doesn't ask for much and won't ruin your things. he enjoys kibble in the bowl and a friendly hand on his head. or chin. back. hind quarters. belly. he's indoor-outdoor. comes and goes if you like him to - stays right on the property, doesn't stray far. does his business inside (litterbox) or out.

he's been our loyal feline friend for 12 years, offering majestic companionship. we now have to move across the country and just found out we can't take him with us. we're heartbroken and hoping to find him a kind and loving home where he can live out his years and bring someone a lot of comfort and happiness.