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cat Names: runt

Runt is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Hey everyone I'm Runt!!! Cause I was the runt of the litter and the name just kinda stuck. My mom rescued me and my 4 siblings from a client she used to have. We were left out in a cat carrier on a picnic table, overnight in the pouring down FREEZING rain. My mom though we were all dead when she found us and she cried and gave us all warm baths and tried keeping us warm and making us mad so she could make sure we were alive. She decided she had to do something cause there was NO WAY we were staying at that house. Her boss told her to call animal control, but they didn't call back so she called my Aunt Kelly who works at the vet's office. My gramma took us all to the vet and she said we all just needed some kitten formula a TLC. (whatever THAT is) But I needed more care cause a little girl was holding me and threw me down onto the sidewalk and my lower lip was ripped away from my teeth. (the last pic of mine is what it looked like) My lip is healing up on its own and the vet doesn't even think that it will need stitched up! My Aunt Lisa kept my litter mate Sam, and the other three found great homes!

I am a very playful kitty who can make any object into a toy. I love playing with mom's hair clips, q-tips, plastic bags, and Bearhound. Bearhound pokes me softly in the belly with his nose and I attack his face! I like playing with Murphy too but he's afraid he will hurt me cause I'm so little. I love my big sister Hammie and I love sleeping in my mom's bed with her and all of the other animals. I also love sitting on her lap when she is at the computer and I like curling up and sleeping on her chest. I had a hard beginning due to human neglect, but now I have a great life!!

Bring on any challenges! :")