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cat Names: saber

Saber is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Saber? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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My name is Saber and I am nearly 8 years old. I live in Auckland New Zealand, but I used to live in Christchurch. I survived all those nasty Earthquakes that happened, but it was very scary.
My old owners couldn't keep me anymore because their daughter had bad asthma so one of their friends in Auckland said she would have me. I flew up on a plane and have lived in Auckland for 3 years now. My old owners have a black Labrador Delta, but luckily they all moved up to Auckland not long after me. My old owners still come and visit me, and they bring Delta. Delta has sleepovers sometimes and we all sleep on the bed together! We are still good friends, but sometimes I do bite and scratch her!
My new owner spoils me rotten. I have her wrapped round my little paw! I get so many toys and treats, and I get all the attention now - I don't have to share the attention with the dog anymore.
Can't wait to take a look at some of your pictures.
Love Saber xx