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cat Names: sam+and+dean

Sam+and+dean is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Sam and Dean

Hello everybody! Where a couple of rambunctious kitties who love to play and purr! We just arrived at our forever home yesterday, may 11 2014, and are excited to explore! (as long as Dean goes first). I, Sam am a kinda shy cat who loves to play, jump, and purr. My brother, Dean, is much more outgoing dashing around our area and jumping high! Where around 2 months old (no exact date yet) and since we have just arrived at our forever home we have yet to be checked up by the vet, so until then were staying in quarantine until where sure were all healthy. That means no visits to the pigs yet, but were excited to meet them! We have yet to show our voices, being very quite cats and only giving out little purrs, but that's ok :)More updates will come out soon as we start to show our true colors and meet the little guinea pigs, but until then have many happy purrs and lots of pets :)
Today we found out that we are part panther! We can jump so high were afraid were going to bump our heads on the sky :) Were also spending all day exploring our new home! yay! so many smells! Also first meow :) Such events!

Were growing up fast! Now its play all day, cuddle, and find every way to annoy the people who love us... in a good way.