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cat Names: samson

Samson is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Samson? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I use to live up north michigan with my mom's extended family. They found me outside in their yard, we lived way out in the country and they think I came from the old lady's farm who had a lot of cats. They offered my mom and dad a chance to take me home, they spent some time getting to know me and they really liked me. I'm very relaxed and lovable. When they were getting ready to go I disappeared, they looked all over the huge house I lived in and couldn't find me anywhere! They were about to give up and decided to pick me up next time they visited when there I was sitting in front of the door all ready to go!

I rode in the back seat, well mostly hid under it, the whole way home. When I got home I met Bob, we got a long right away. Then they brought home Lily who I immediately decided to give a bath. Then Willow, who's kind of a grouch but isn't half bad.

I love to flop, its kind of my trademark, Lily started coping me. I also make funny little meow noises but only when I want food. My mom and dad always hold me like a baby, or "Samwitch" me in between them. I'm use to it. I love to roll around in cat nip. And I love sleeping on weird objects. I have very fluffy fur which I am proud of, but I hate when mom pulls knots out, I get mad and growl, which is the only time I ever growl. I normally don't get knots unless its spring and i'm shedding, I hate that!


Samson was a foster I brought in, along with his brother Skootchie. I fell in love and ended up keeping them! Samson, (aka Sammie and Sam Sam) ended up being a dwarf. At a year and a half now, he still looks 10 weeks old or so... a perpetual kitten!