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cat Names: sandy

Sandy is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Sandy? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Hi there! My name is sandy and I'm a 6 year's old ... I'm 30 pound's

The pet's that I live (and lived) with me are (R.I.P) Mouse the Tabby / Main Coon ... (R.I.P) Phantom the Gecko ... Pickles the Pug ... ( R.I.P) Snow ball the Guinea Pig ... And Doc the Bunny Rabbit

And a few year's ago I was really sick and I almost died, My eye's got foggy and I didn't eat anything ... But I ate Bacon but like only once every 2 day's, I'm a very lucky Cat as my owner say's, But now i'm living strong (and still alive) hehe

Well I hope that say's some about me :)

And I'm happy to be here! I hope I make a Lot of new friend's!

Happy Cuteness day's! Bye


A beautiful little Calico, who loves to cuddle on her terms.

American Shorthair

Sandy is a sweet, cuddly yellow kitty with white mittens. He loves to snuggle up on laps and feet. He is a rescue kitty who showed up at our front door after we'd lost our sweet Callie cat. He knew we needed him!