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cat Names: satin

Satin is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Satin? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Domestic Mediumhair

I am a black female kitty who was fostered and adopted by my forever mom. I was born right here at home. My sister Blackberry was also born here. There were six of us in the same litter, 5 girls and 1 boy. Mom named us all. My other sisters were Cookie, Tootsie, and Cindy Bear and they were all adopted into forever homes by the no-kill shelter where my mom works as a volunteer. My brother Sugar Bear was also adopted just before Christmas of 2011. I also have several other roommates here (all kitties): Shadow and Tabu who are sisters from a feral mom, Puff, a Maine Coon kitty who just showed up as a tiny kitten at mom's door one very cold winter day, Midnight (Midna) who was a young feral female whom mom took in, Tuffy (the only boy) who was once a very feral kitty but is now just a big lover, and Calie (the oldest) and my new roommate Breezy. Breezy is a tiny Tortie Rescue kitty who just recently arrived here from NY. She is a cool kitty and we all get along pretty good. I really like playing with my sister Blackberry and with our new friend Breezy. I also love looking out the windows here and watching all the birds, squirrels, and wild bunnies. We've even had several deer run through our court. I also love kitty treats and playing with my toys and climbing on the three kitty trees we have here. I differ from my sister Blackberry because I have a bushy tail and she has a thin tail. Once mom can get some pictures of Blackberry and my other roommates that she can download then she will set up pages for each of them also. I am hoping I can make lots of friends on