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cat Names: scarlet

Scarlet is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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American Shorthair

adopted with my brother, Rocketdude from Humane Society shelter.


Miss Scarlet is the princess of the family. She spends most days sleeping because every girl needs her beauty sleep! When she isn’t sleeping she is usually playing with Mr Darcy, her roommate. Her favorite toys are balls, mice, glasses of unwatched ice water and shopping bags! Scarlet loves it when her mom and dad go shopping because they bring her back paper bags to play in; sometimes they make tunnels for her to sleep in too. She also likes it when her dad plays computer games because they play together. Scarlet’s dad brings her kitty condo in to the office and places it next to his chair so she can sit next to him. Scarlet is now a fan of Spore and WOW (don’t tell anyone).