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cat Names: shadow+james

Shadow+james is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Shadow James

Shadow was an rescue,I found the wet black ball of fur under a car tire on the way to school. I pick the little guy up and trucked him into my backpack. He purred the whole way to school and meowed when I put in the school office all day long. He stop meowing when I came to get him I knew right then and there I was adopted by this little black ball of fur. I bought home and gave milk and named him shadow because that’s what he was to the day he died. He never left my sight, we took walks together and we played fetch together. Boy I miss those fetch games with you shadow I hope at rainbow bridge someone is playing fetch with you and giving you lots of tuna. Shadow I so sorry I was not there to protect you when my roommate bought you to the vet to have you put to sleep on March 4, 1998 because you were black. you. Good by my sweet special boy you always be in my heart and my shadow.