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cat Names: shishimaru

Shishimaru is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Shishimaru? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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First time I saw Shishi, I thought he was a Guinea Pig! I was on my way to school riding the NYC subway, and across the train was this woman holding this orange fur ball, which turned out to be a kitten. He was only 4 weeks old at the time, and she found him on the street. She was on the way to ASPCA to put him up for adoption, but I said I would find a home for him and she gladly handed this little ball of fur to me. He hid in my pocket all day and hasn't left my side since.

He's too big for my pocket now, but he's as chatty and sweet as he was the day I found him. He's an old guy now - he'd be heading to college if he was a human boy...and I think he does think he's human. Or that I am a cat. Which ever - we're the same and he talks to me all day long and wants to sit on a chair at the table, sleep on the bed with a pillow under his head, and drink the water out of the glass.