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cat Names: simmatoo

Simmatoo is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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In January 2010, Simmatoo was freezing and starving in the woods, all by herself, when Sasha spotted her and our mom picked her up and brought her home. Sim was terrified of humans so she hid in a hold in wall in the basement for a couple of months till the weather warmed up. (Because Sim wouldn't let our mom get near her, we didn't even know if she was a girl or a boy!) As soon as spring arrived, though, she scadaddled straight out the door and took off to areas unknown. About 3 months later, Simmatoo decided to come back and make the best of it. She was about 6 months old by then and our mom wondered why she was suddenly so friendly and affectionate (with us animals, not with her). We were all getting used to each other but even still, Sim wouldn't let our mom close enough to figure out whether she was a boy or girl .... Then, suddenly, we all found out the night Simmy had a bunch of babies under our mom's bed on Canada Day - July 1, 2010. What a surprise! Well, we are now a big happy family, with Sasha, me (Isis), Sim, and one of her litter - Mischief. Mischief is in the picture with Sim. They are both black as night, all curled up together with four eyes looking at you!