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cat Names: skywalker

Skywalker is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Skywalker? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Name skywalker his from USA North Carolina outgoing and a
Little lazy lover and a fight he loves to
Hunt birds and lizards and any thing that moves he was born the runt of his letter he was
A little cutie he had 3 brothers and a Identical white sister any ways
I saw him for the first time he had just been born one day
His little eyes were still closed so my grandma told me to pick out one cat out of letter I asked my mom and she said u don't need a cat but grand Ma gave me him anyways
So I chose him the runt she said come back
In 1 week and u can get him so did and picked him up his eyes and both
Mine and his eyes connected I know then that he was the
Cat I wanted to spend mine life with so I picked him up and told him I love you and told him his name is Luke Skywalker after Star Wars movie any ways he was so cute he played with my fingers and pured loud so I got home with him sat him
In the rug he meowed all day and half the night
So I picked him up the next day and that night we slept together but he slept in a box
So he attached to me and I fade him wet food he eat all can I told my mom
He's a little pig ain't he because he's cat dad was big and fat ate a lot
So now I had him for 8. Years and he is still my buddy but he likes everybody
At first my mom did not care for the cat being here and now she clams him but I know he knows Iam his daddy always will be now. Y'all know a little about skywalker and how me and him became buds hope y'all vote him the cutie at please be my and his friend on cuteness. Com and vote


skywalker the cat white and cute ...