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cat Names: snacky

Snacky is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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American Shorthair

Snacky...aka "Kid Tilapia", hails from the great state of Ohio but loves being a New Yawka. Snacky enjoys big game hunting, action/adventure movies, and is devastated that his cable subscriber no longer airs The Food Network. He plays hard and loves even harder. xo

Snacky and his brother, Figgy were adopted into our family through a rescue organization in Canton, Ohio. They were rescued from a hoarder that had 30 something cats in the house. From there, they were performing two shows a week at a local pet supply store. It was Christmas time and we decided not to do gifts but instead to rescue a cat in need. From the minute we saw them we knew we had to take them both...couldn't bust them up.