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cat Names: snooki

Snooki is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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100 % british shorthair

my whole 39 years ive never had a pet so when the kids kept asking and i just refused. until april 2011. i gave i went to my friends house and brought snooki. when we got her home we just couldnt beleive how cute this little kitten was.. we were inseparable from that day, she would sleep in my bed. watch me wash the dishes do the garden etc i never knew that you could love a animal so much.. but last week was one of the most heartbreaking times for me.. snooki became unwell so i took her to the vets where he told me she had been poisoned.. and he had to put her to sleep. it was horrible why would someone do that to a poor defenceless cat. my cat!!! ive been numb for nearly a week & i dont think ill ever come to terms with it.she was only 4... RIP snooki poos love n miss u so much x (by the way this is babies mummy)