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cat Names: spazzy

Spazzy is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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American Shorthair

I'm the silent type. I squeak out a meow greeting every morning to my human roommates when I want to be acknowledged, otherwise I am in stealth mode. I am a solid black cat with green eyes, and I kinda got shaggy hair on my body. I'm very affectionate with my eyes. I give angel kisses to everyone!! I tend to spaz out and run /gallop all over the house! (Hence my name.) I don't understand why Boot-Z dislikes me so. He's always trying to fight with me!! I was the first stray here, AND I'm not leaving! My human male protects me so I hang out with him more than my female human. She's trying to stop Boot-Z from charging me, so he's with her mostly.