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cat Names: spice

Spice is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Spice? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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This is my youngest cat. I had gotten her off an ad I had come across online and could not refuse such a beautiful cat. She has been the best cat I have ever had, but she is the most independent. I don't know anything about her parents or what kind of cat she actually is. I named her Spice because she has a little attitude to her. I have another cat that is 2 years older then her and she would just terrorize her every second she could.

She plays as a dog would. Its quite funny. She will play tug of war with over any string or rope. She also will play "fetch" i can pretty much throw anything and she will return it to me and wait for another toss. She begs for treats, and its so cute!

American Shorthair

Spice is queen of the house. She's been here the longest and, like Noodle, was born and raised here! Good natured and even as she ages, is still as playful as ever! She has many different nicknames! Spice-cles, Spice-alicious. Sometimes, I call her the Spice-inator! :D