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cat Names: spidey+cat

Spidey+cat is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Spidey+cat? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Spidey Cat

My mom & dad rescued me from a local cat rescue centre, in Yorkshire, over two years ago. There were about 40 cats in a room with sofas and chairs and lots of litter trays and food dishes.
Dad noticed that all of the other cats were pushing me around and wouldn't let me have any food. He said 'I want that one'!! My mom said 'I thought we wanted an old cat? He said that I was lovely and he wanted me. :o) So - mom picked me up and gave me a cuddle and we went straight home.
There was another cat, at home when we got there, called 'ickle kat'. She is called this because she is small. Mom was afraid that I would be a bit pushy with ickle Kat but I knew that she was old and had been there much longer than me - so I do as I am told.
Mom and dad gave me my own bed and blanket and my own water and food dish. I got a new collar, too, with rhinestones and a bell.
Nobody steals my food anymore and dad gives me tit-bits when he is eating his supper. He he - don't tell mom though.
My mom & dad have guessed my birthday cos nobody really knows when it is.
I get presents at Christmas and a treat for my birthday.
I have a huge garden to play in and a nice warm bed, lots of food, cuddles and a mom & dad who love me.
What more could a kitty want? ;o)