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cat Names: squeak

Squeak is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Squeak? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Hi! My name is Squeak. I got my name because when I was a kitten I would always make a squeaking sound. I am very nervous because my fromer owner always played a bit too rough with me, but I am okay. When everything is calm, I love to cuddle with you!

Maine Coon

My mom and dad think I am the cutest and sweetest kitty in the world. They tell everyone that I am a gusher. I think that means I'm a cuddler. I sleep in funny places...sometimes they can't find me! I have a friend Oliver, cousins Leo, Sophie and Precious and Spooky that lives outside. He is homeless and my mom and dad have been taking care of him for 2 years. We visit everyday through the window. Life is good!!


This is Squeak. He got his name because as a kitten he would squeak instead of meow. He is quite a talker and lets me know when his little brothers are not behaving. He is my Home Depot kittie. His mom lived in the home depot store when one of the associates took her home for her to deliver her kittens in a safe and warm place. So it's amazing what you find at Home Depot!..He raised Jake and Harley and he thinks he is their mother since we brought them home. Squeak is a big boy 20? lbs and is on a diet. He loves to sleep in my arms and is quite a lover. He and Harley love to cuddle and spend most of their day together.