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cat Names: stella

Stella is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Mediumhair

My sister Mila and I were found by our parents when they were out for a walk one hot summer night. We were abandoned in the woods near the library as tiny little kittens - starving, full of fleas and worms. I ran out first - right up to mom - crying pitifully. Then Mila ran out after me. Dad was initially NOT happy - because they already had four other kitties at home. He wanted Mom to take us to the shelter, but lucky for us she's a big softie and has a special affinity for Tuxedo cats. She stayed up until 2:30 am giving us both flea baths. Needless to say, Dad fell in love with us and we're living the good life now!


Activities: Getting into EVERYTHING, destroying rugs/curtains, reminding the humans that they CANNOT take my toy away (I always find it), removing my collar, kicking Barney's (Dad's dog) ass, pulling clothes off hangers, and being unfathomably cute.

What is relevant to my interests: Bugs, water, attacking...everything, desiring attention only when humans are focusing elsewhere.

Favourite Furniture: desk chair, 1st level of coffee table

Favourite Treats: Enisyl-L, tuna fish, cheese.