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cat Names: stewie

Stewie is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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European Shorthair

My name is Stewie and I was born on August 3rd. My Mom's name is Macy my owner found her outside and took care of her. I think I look like a grey tiger :) ! I like looking outside and watching the birds fly by the windows. Im going to take a nap so BYE!

Domestic Shorthair

What's up dudes? My name is Stewie :) I was adopted by my awesome mom & dad after spendin the first few weeks of my life livin in the gutter of some store. It was cool up there. My mom thinks that livin up there is what made me such a crazy daredevil and awesome jumper. I like food, playin with my feathered stick (it makes this noise that drives me nuts, i gotta kill it dead everytime i hear it), and annoyin my older bro Mathias. I am just a cool kinda cat. Mom says I'm just a tad bit ditzy, dunno what that means but it's gotta be pretty awesome right? Dad agrees but thinks I could survive in the wild cuz of my speed and fearlessness. Anyway, makin new friends is so cool so come say hey :)