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cat Names: storm

Storm is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Storm is a beautiful loving cat weighing in at 6 Kgs. He is a lap cat when he feels like a cuddle and loves settling down on your lap or in his favourite place to sleep. He gets on well with other cats and has not a mean bone in his body.

American Shorthair

Storm is a rambunctious little kitten who thinks she is a big dog, she roughhouses with them, tries to steal their food, and runs outside when the dogs are called to go to the bathroom. She loves to lay on Momma's laptop when she's doing homework, and chew on her daddy's toes. Her favorite thing in the world though, is to give everyone kisses on their nose.

Domestic Shorthair

Hai! My name is Storm! I am named Storm cuz that's where my Mommy's friend found me. Luckily for me he had his window open just enough to hear me mew from a bar ditch in a bad, bad thunderstorm. I was very scared when he caught me, so I bit his finger with my tiny little 4 week old teeth and he said OUCH! He put me in his car and I crawled under the seat until my new Mommy pulled me out. I couldn't even walk I was so weak and tiny. But now, I am big and strong and just over 1 yearz old!!!! And after a few months of hissing and fighting, I'm best friends with my older sister, Sassy. :-)

Hai Everybodyz!