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cat Names: tanya

Tanya is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

My name is Tanya Marie I was found at a work site. People were building a house. I was nine months old. I was with a couple of other strays. This gentleman fed me half his lunch every day for a few months. The cold set in around the beginning of January of 2004. A chilly evening I launched myself in the man’s truck. I was on a mission. It was around 10PM. The man wrapped me in his arms and took me in a toasty house with a family sitting on the floor. They hurried to their feet and wrapped me in blankets. The man told his family he found me under the porch crying. About 2 Am this girl took me out in the blistering snow and put me in the barn with a blanket. I made myself comfortable in the hay loft. I had one litter of kittens all in good homes now. I’ve been fixed and once a barn cat now a house cat. I love my family they take good care of me. I am spoiled to the bone.