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cat Names: teeter

Teeter is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Teeter? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Tiger Cat

My name is Teeter Michelle, I was one of 4 kittens. I am grey, fat, and happy. My mother(the one that walked on all fours) Mouse, was beautiful and I look like her. My mother passed away after I was born. When I was 4 I got an adopted brother, Gracen Joe. I hated Gracen when they brought him home, I thought no one would love me anymore, so I was MEAN to everyone including the kitten. When Gracen grew up a little more he was less annoying and became my best friend. I love to eat, sleep and play. I LOVE catnip. I am a very loving cat! I love sleeping in computer chairs, top of couches and chairs, infront of sunny windows or doors, but I really perfer to be cuddled up to someone. Small children aren't my favorite, the pull my tail, or squeeze the life out of me. I love to drink out of any faucet. I love my picture to be taken, I will actually site and pose for you. I love my family a lot!