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cat Names: tiggy

Tiggy is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Tiggy? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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My name is Tiggy, or Tigs for short.
My best friend is lambchop, my stuffed lamb toy that daddy won for mommy. I have kept it groomed since I was little. We play fight often, but i always win.
Mommy and daddy recently had to move into my grandparents house where I am showered with attention and rule the house.
I often sleep on my designated shelf to watch as mommy and daddy play on their computers. One of my favorite past times include chasing the mouse cursor and pawing at it on the screen. One of these days I WILL get it!

When it is close to feeding time, I like to sit in front of their monitors to let them know how cute I am and that feeding time is fast approaching.
When mommy and daddy won't wake up early enough, I bug grandma and grandpa for food - they give me extra treats.

Mommy loves to eat ice cream and sometimes lets me have a few licks after she's done, I also help myself to a few licks of any coke can that has been left around.

When mommy or daddy get up from their computer for a bit, I quickly sneak onto their chair as it has been warmed up to the right temperature just for me. When they return, I turn over on my back and look at them with cute eyes until they can't resist petting me.