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cat Names: tonka

Tonka is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Tonka is a rescue from Kitty Co in Plano, Texas. My husband and I fell in love with him the first time we saw him lounging in his cage waiting for his new forever home. We took him home with us the next week and have not regretted it since then. Tonkinese are very intelligent cats and this one has an absolutely adorable personality as well!

American Shorthair

Hi, my name is Tonka. When I was little my ears were bigger than my head and I looked funny but now I am a big boy. I used to weight over 20 lbs. but my Daddy started feeding me Tuna and now I have dropped my weight down about 4 lbs. My Daddy calls me a moose when I run but I am just a huge lap baby. You can wrap me over your shoulder and I will put my head down. I just love any attention I can get from anyone. Some people that visit our house are scared of me, but my Mommie tells them that I am a big ole teddy bear. We have a great room at our house for me and my brother Scooter and sister Jazzie.