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cat Names: tooters

Tooters is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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My life started out along side a busy street where my birth mom was killed. There were six of us little babies left orphaned probably destined for the same fate as our mom. However a nice college professor stopped and picked us up. He took us home and fed us warm milk and took us to see a doctor. He was kind enough to keep us till we were old enough for adoption. My siblings found homes first and I was the only one left, my first mom attended this college and had my friend as a teacher. She gladly said she would take me and give me a home too. I loved her so much, we had lots of great times together with her friends until she moved and was not able to have me move with her. See the place she moved to would not allow me to be there with her, I was sad. I lived with my grandma for a while then my aunt took me in. She said she would keep me till my mom found another place to live where she could have me. During my time with my aunt she fell madly in love with me and wanted me to stay forever. She became my new mom, I also have a very loving dad now too. I love living with them, they let me run the house! tee hee hee. My first mom and her fiance bought a house and took in two more homeless baby kitties named Marley and Atari. In the end every thing worked out. We still visit each other now and then so I get to see my first mommy too, it's really great to be a part of my family there is so much love and I am really blessed. My mommy prays for other kitties that aren't so fortunate as I. Please feel free to leave comments and give me cute points!! Thanks

Updated June 3rd, 2016 - My journey on this earth has come to its end today. I've been sick for over a month, my mom and dad took me to a nice lady in Lancaster to have me looked at. Sadly all my suffering was caused by cancer tumors that have grown so large they were causing all my sickness and lack of appetite. I know they hated so much to let me go but knew in their hearts that I was in so much pain. I felt their heavy hearts and love as they tearfully made the choice to let my spirit fly. I know they loved me with all their hearts and they took such wonderful care of me. Especially my mom who sat with me every morning while I was sick and hand fed me when I didn't want to eat. I love her so much for all she gave me. I love you mom and dad, I'll never forget you and I know you will always love me and think of me too!! Thank you for a wonderful home and lots of love!! - Tooters (September 19, 2004 - June 3, 2016.