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cat Names: trinity

Trinity is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Trinity aka Trinny or Trin, was rescued by a kind, eagle eyed soul, from a very busy 4 lane road frequented by heavy industrial traffic, when she was only 3 weeks old. She was then cared for by a temporary 'cat carer' until her forever Mommy came by, looking to adopt an animal in need.

Trinny is a playful little girl, she has LOTS of toys and loves them all, often carrying them all over the house and sleeping with them. She also has her choice of 3 different beds to sleep in, which she does regularly depending on her mood - one in the bedroom by the heater, one on top of the couch and one near the fireplace.

She also has a big 'sister' called Tullulah, who bosses her a bit but who also loves to wash her and play hide and seek with her. She's learnt a lot from her big sis but also knows her place in the hierachy, and being the peace loving kitty that she is, she happily tows the line.

Trinny has a beautiful garden which she loves to play in, full of birds and bugs who entertain her for hours on end. But nothing is more important to her than her Mom, who she follows everywhere, like a little shadow - Trinny is the most dedicated of companion cats and thoroughly adored by all who know her. She has the sweetest and gentlest of mews and never ever engages her claws.
She leads a pampered and luxurious life full of love and cuddles and kisses and conversations. She is a VERY happy little kitty.

See her ultra cute kitten video on YouTube

Domestic Shorthair

Trinity is tiny, fast, and VERY VOCAL! She gets in her cuddly moods, but she'd much rather play with you or talk to you. She LOVES playing fetch with her little plastic springy toys - she'll bring one to me and drop it in front of me when she wants to play (or drop it on my face if i'm asleep!) She's also our resident cricket-hunter, and chirps excitedly when she finds one! :3