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cat Names: trouble

Trouble is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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American Longhair

Trouble has the devil in her eye but an angel in her heart.


Trouble has passed.
He's convinced that he spent his primary years with squirels. When he was still a kitten he adopted his new family and an Australian Shepard named Frigga adopted him, so he's not sure if he's a cat, a dog, or, a squirrel. When Frigga died, he was very sad and went into deep mourning until he adopted his new puppy, Valkyrie. He takes good care of his little sister. He cleans her, baps her when she's bad(and bites her eyebrow) and plays with her. He begrudgingly gets along with his cousin Baldur. When he gets mad at you, watch out. He uses hus paws like fists and beats up your toes. He leaves some pretty mean bruises. He's also scitzo, but luckily all the personalities answer to the same name, or variations there of. We all love our Critter-Cat.