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cat Names: turbo

Turbo is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Turbo? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Im actully Turbo the 2nd! My name sake passed away last year and I just so happen to find my new owner through a friend of ours. I came to her home and it was like I had been there before! I knew right then that This was MY NEW HOME!!! Its now been 4 mo since the 1st baby pics of me....WOW I have grown!! I have 1 sister ..... My sissy Sassi is a long hair Siamese and she is 13 yrs old now, She came all the way from Anchorage Alaska where my mommy found her outside a 7-11 where someone had just left her all alone. She wasnt even 5 weeks old yet! But My Mommy took her in and gave her a a wonderful home! Just like me ! Just recently I got another roomie! Her name is Tillie! We found her outside all alone and so hungry too! her and I hit it off as if we were from the same litter! We wrestle around all the time and chase each other all over the place! Tons of fun she is that Tillie! Im so glad she found us and we found her too! !! I have the bestest family in the Whole World!!They love us all sooooo much!!Like my grandpa used to say all the time! A person who does NOT own a animal (of any kind) just aint right in the head!!! MOL!!!!