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cat Names: twixie

Twixie is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Hi! My name is Princess Twixie and I was born almost 6 years ago. My cat mom, Maxie Muffin, was an abandoned cat that my human mom had taken into our home. I have a sibling named Oreo from the same litter and cat mom. I'm a tiny and petite Calico cat and as aweet as can people anyway......I am an alpha female so don't let my size make you think I can't handle cats twice my size. I just don't like to share my human mom or our room. I'll chase all cats I don't want in it right out. I'm a cuddler and love to cuddle and sleep with my human mom. I have 7 brothers and sisters that live with us. Oreo, D'artanian, Tiggys, Callie, Kaylee, Molly, and Kitty Boy . We keep mom busy!