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cat Names: tye

Tye is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Tye is one of the two kittens adopted in April of 2006. He was so tiny and cute. The agency had brought some kittens from the local humane society to there adoption event in an attempt to find homes for as many as possible before they were put down. We believe he was one of them.

After we brought him home, I noticed he was interested in food, but didn't eat. After two days I started to wonder. Then while cuddling on the sofa I yawned and he proceeded to try to fit his paw and as much of his face as he could into my mouth. He was expecting easy to eat, soft, regurgitated food. So, I opened up his little mouth, and sure enough, he only had front teeth. He didn't have the teeth he needed to eat the kibble foods. We still don't know if this was because of his age or because he was malnurished.

He had other health problems as well. He was having trouble keeping his food in his tummy once he began eating canned kitten food. He was throwing up and pooping everywhere at the same time. He'd step in it or drag his little tail through it, and he was too young to have learned to clean himself. So he got regular bathes. I was able to hold this tiny body in one hand over the sink while washing his back end.

We had already scheduled their first vet appointment for that weekend. They said he was just lacking a digestive bacteria and gave us a gel for him to take. He also had a little cold, and got eye drops and antibiotics. He also has a slight heart murmur, though at his last visit the vet said it was almost inaudible. They also asked to do an x-ray of his chest because they found his ribs shaped strangly. They had thought it was heart related. What they found was that he's been a lucky little fella. He apparently had pneumonia at a very young age, and survived with just some scar tissue in his lungs. He might develop some respitory difficulties as he ages, but he's proven to be quite resilient.

Now that kitten who weighed less than 2 pounds at his first weigh in is a muscular and lean 12 pound cat who rules the house with a lot of personality. He is very long bodied and thin. The vet says it'd be good for him to gain about 2 pounds more, but he's just too active. The vet believes he has a lot of "Bengal Tabby" in him, which would explain a lot. He is very independent and has a strong will, he is also VERY affectionate. He still believes I'm a real mama and mopes when he doesn't get his daily snuggle time in.