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cat Names: un+beo

Un+beo is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Un+beo? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Un Beo
Turkish Angora

♥Little Mistress of the House♥

I was adopted by my mommy and sister (they're all human) when I was two months old. My sister said she's ever seen a cat sleeping so peacefully on the train, even the noises of the train couldn't wake the little me up.

I was really naughty when I was small. I even steal my sister's bed. She lets me in every night. I climb into the bed and lie horizontally in the middle of it (the bed's not big, and its width is about one metre. You can see it in pic #1), so she has to push me aside to get to sleep. And that's the reason my fur is all over her bed, blanket and clothes! Mew! But she loves and cares for me the most, and she never hits me or shouts at me. That's why I usually come to her, oh, and I steal her seat too. She sometimes has to stay up late for homework, and I sit next to her, or to be more exact, I have more than half of the chair and she has the smaller part. (She said I was too fat!) Sometimes I even climb onto the table and... sit onto the book, or sometimes I scratch the papers (!) That time she said I was "ruining the knowledge" (???) But I still love her the most!

I am well beloved and I love my family very much!

♥Un Beo's Sis♥

Un Beo brings fun to my life and she made me the happiest without uttering a word. I don't understand what she wants to say when she "meow" but I love her. Quote from Taylor Swift's song "Mine": She's the best thing that's ever been mine.